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Feature Video: Playmaka - EVERY THANG BLUE

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Hi, I would like to introduce to you the one and only Playmaka, who was born in Tampa Florida. As a young boy music was always his passion. He grew up faithfully listening & studying Artist such as Michael Jackson, Tupac and Jay Z & more, all who inspire him to be one of the greatest musicians of all time. 

Who is the Playmaka

He is the oldest of seven brothers and two sisters. His family traveled back and forth from Tampa FL. and Mississippi throughout his life. Having to uproot so often urged him to succeed and make a better life for his family. This is how his stage name Playmaka developed. In middle school, he participated in numerous talent shows and rap battles throughout the southern region. This effort helped him to cultivate a core following at a young age. As a junior in high school, he was introduced to a professional recording studio where he recorded his first song and never looked back. After graduating high school he moved to Gulfport, Mississippi, where he continued to pursue his dream of building his brand. In 2007 he recorded a song called D-Boi Rock which swept the gulf coast by storm. This gained him an opening and access to the biggest stages in that area. He has shared performance time alongside Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Soulja boy, Trina, T-Pain, Webbie, Lil Boosie, Chris Brown, Fetty Wap & many more.Playmaka has a well- rounded rap style and also taps a little in R&B. Playmaka has a very diverse style and his lyrical content is much different compared to all the current Hip Hop artists of today's world. He most definitely has the Star Quality along with the work ethic and consistent drive to become successful in today's industry.The great thing about Playmaka, he is not afraid to get into character. He takes risks in his music, constantly pushing the envelope to stay innovative. His latest single is Everything Blue, but he has a library of songs and many music videos on his YouTube channel. Interesting fact about Playmaka latest Album Power Move, Witch you can find on iTunes or cd baby. that our Producer "Supa Villain" passed away 2 weeks before the release of "Power Move", so we are dedicating the success of this project to the life of Supa Villain in his honor! Thank you. & Enjoy

Feature Artist: Mista Eye
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Who is Mista Eye

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